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Northern fruit vs. Tropical Fruit for Reducing Inflammation
Dr. Carney recommended that I eat northern fruit to reduce my inflammation (i.e. apples, blueberries). I can't remember the reason for this. Does it have to do with a higher sugar ...
I am battling with an eczema problem on my cheeks. I don't understand why it gets more red in the evening. Fatigue? And when I become upset, redness goes up again. Trying to figure...

Health Science Research Summaries

​​A significant elevation in Parkinson's disease risk is associated with the use of statin drugs.

​Esophageal and gastric cardia cancers are less likely to occur among frequent consumers of citrus fruits.

Habitual consumption of fruits and vegetables may help to fend off cardiovascular diseases.

​Adequate consumption of cruciferous vegetables may help guard against the development of kidney, pharyngeal, oral, esophageal, and colorectal cancers.

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Hollie McAddams posted a comment in How Does Being Constipated Promote Varicose Veins?
Hello! Since I gave birth to my second child some varicose veins and spider veins started to appear ...
Ken Thomas posted a comment in Century Challenge
Thanks, Sean! Yep, I guess on my 100th birthday, I will have to submit another challenge! See you th...
Sean Carney posted a comment in Phytic Acid in Grains? No Problem!
@Ben, I am hoping you will see that @drcarney and @jojo have replied to your inquiry. I would like ...