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Weight loss
I need to know how WFPB people gain weight quickly, Ive been sick after spinal cord surgery with anxiety and improper bowel function. It’s hard to eat very much due to anxiety so w...
Pain relief
Is it harmful to take a pain reliever when you're dealing with the flu? I've been staying away from NSAIDs to help in healing my gut but I am dealing with the flu and wondering if ...

Health Science Research Summaries

​Women who are cigarette smokers may be more susceptible to colorectal cancer than their colleagues who are never smokers.

​Cigarette smokers may be highly vulnerable to suffer from both acute and chronic pancreatitis.

​Former and current cigarette smokers may have a high tendency of suffering from acute pancreatitis.

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Wayne Martin posted a comment in Diet Linked to Heart Disease Reduction During War
Link to graph shows that the axis on the left is deaths per 10,000. So the drop is from 30 per 10,00...
Linda Carney MD posted a comment in Which is Better, Raw or Cooked Broccoli?
Steamed is better for overall digestion and absorption of nutrients.
Sean Carney posted a comment in Which is Better, Raw or Cooked Broccoli?
Hello Denise, So sorry for a slow response. I am going to ask my wife what she thinks about this. M...